Frenchie BSM was shot in the neck and back, and showed off his wounds after getting out of ICU. It appears a bullet hit the right side of Frenchie BSM’s neck and exited out the right side of back near his shoulder blade.

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Considering there are major arteries in the neck Frenchie BSM is very lucky to be alive and well. In the video Frenchie BSM says, “Just got the hospital. I got shot in the neck. S*** went in my neck and came out my back. I’m still alive though, it’s aight n***** can’t stop me. I’m still alive SQUAD!“.

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Many celebrities in the hiphop such as Smack White, YRS Boogz, Sammy Laravia, Grafh, and Mr. Swipey reacted to Frenchie BSM getting shot with emotional words wishing him a speedy recovery.

It’s not often you see someone surviving a gunshot to the neck, so Frenchie BSM should be counting his blessing for a very long time. Hopefully he can stay safe, and use this scary moment to create some more deep records for his fans.

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2021 has already been another tough year for hiphop.

Author: JordanThrilla

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