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Willow Smith Is Not a One Man Woman: Willow Smith Reveals She is Polyamorous. on Red Table Talk

With all the issues Jada Pinkett and Will Smith went through, some people wondered if it might affect their children. The rumors of them having an open relationship, may have really changed the way Willow Smith thinks about love. On a new episode of Red Table Talk it was revealed that Willow Smith is polyamorous.

What Does Willow Smith being Polyamorous Mean?

In layman-terms Willow Smith is not a one man woman. In technical terms being polyamorous means that you and your partners have agreed to be open to seeing other people while still being romantically involved. Sound familiar? If it does it’s probably, because this is the same kind of relationship Will Smith and Jada Pinkett were rumored to have. The old saying goes “like my mother, like daughter”.

The Reasons Willow Smith Became Polyamorous?

Willow Smith is a very intelligent woman, and her reasons for being polyamorous seem to be based on research. On Red Table Talk she stated how statistically the main reason divorces happen is due to cheating. Theoretically speaking you can’t be a cheater if you’re polyamorous. Willow Smith also believes that people are only monogamous, because society tells them that’s the right way to live. To her what’s more important is building a relationship foundation that works for you as an individuals.

Willow Smith’s polyamorous identity has already cause backlash on social media, with many people pointing fingers at Jada Pinkett-Smith. However, what people should really focus is the fact that Willow Smith seems to have a high understand of herself at only 20 years old, which shows she is a very mature person.

It takes a lot confidence to go against societal norms and be proud of it.