T-Pain TikTok Video Goes Viral: T-Pain Ignored Celebrities on Instagram Request Folder For Years and Just Found Out

A hilarious T-Pain TikTok video is going viral. In this footage it was revealed that T-Pain was ignoring celebrities on Instagram request folder for years and he just found out. Instagram has some very confusing features and non-existent features, and in this case it may have lost T-Pain a lot money and connections.

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As T-Pain scrolled through the list of hundreds of celebrities who tried to reach him, he explained how this colossal debacle happened. T-Pain thought all DM’s were supposed to show in the normal folder, he had no idea about the requests folder.

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Perhaps the most surprising thing about the video was that Viola Davis and Tahiry Jose sent DMs to T-Pain. Where they trying to hookup with him?

Just as a fair warning T-Pain used that super annoying robotic voice that TikTokers have overused to the extreme at this point.

You can see here that Tahiry Jose DM’d T-Pain, along with Viola Davis.

T-Pain has a lot of apologies to make, and a lot of burned bridges to fix.

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Who knows maybe if he had answered some of these DMs over the past 2 years he would still be as popular as he was years ago music wise.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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