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New Angle ‘NBA Youngboy’ Arrest Video Footage Shows FEDS Searching For Him with K-9 Units and Helicopters

Yesterday reports surfaced that FEDS arrested NBA Youngboy after a short car chase. Rumors spread that he attempted fleeing on foot shortly after. In a recent development a new ‘NBA Youngboy’ Arrest video shows FBI looking for NBA Youngboy with K-9 Units and a helicopter in a place most people didn’t expect. It appears the rumors were true.

Where Does the Arrest Video Show NBA Youngboy Attempt to Hide from FBI and Police?

Based on the video below NBA Youngboy drove his car into a neighborhood, and was trying to hide between houses. Although it’s not clear where he was in the video, the helicopter flying above seems to be looking in people’s backyards. You could here police on their intercom warning NBA Youngboy that the K-9 units were about to be released.

Are the Charges Against NBA Youngboy RICO Related?

It’s been confirmed there was a Federal Warrant for NBA Youngboy’s arrest. Rumors say NBA Youngboy is being charged with RICO crimes, however that isn’t confirmed. However, usually when FBI gets involved it has something to do with Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Acts. FEDS also found a gun inside his car, which could bring weapon charges against him. There is also the possibility of LAPD adding charges for evading the police. All in all it’s not looking good for him.

A few days ago NBA Youngboy posted a video revealing he was depressed about his life, and feeling “lost”. Then a few days later his life comes crashing down with FBI taking him into custody. Perhaps he knew the FEDS were on to him.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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