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Shanrae Cheree Price Says Kelly Price is Still Missing in Response to Lawyer as People React To Media Not Reporting Kelly Price Missing for Over a Month

Just a few days after Joy Reid’s “Missing White Woman Syndrome” rant about Gabby Petito’s case, another missing persons case involving a famous black woman is being looked at as another example of the media overlooking incidents involving people of color.

Details of the Kelly Price Missing Person Case

According to reports Kelly Price went missing in Georgia over a month ago after she was released from the hospital after a bout with COVID-19. It was also reported that her boyfriend wasn’t cooperating with police, when they started investigations.

Despite the fact Kelly Price has been missing for many weeks, news outlets are just announcing the story today, which has left many people confused. Now there are also conflicting reports on whether or not Kelly Price was found safe.

This was Kelly Price’s last Instagram post before going missing.

Was Kelly Price Found Safe? Kelly Price’s Sister Responds to Her Lawyer’s Claim

There was a collective feeling of relief when Kelly Price’s lawyer claimed she was found safe at an undisclosed location still recovering from COVID. However, in the National Crime Information Center database she still listed as a missing person.

Additionally, in a viral video response to her lawyer’s claim, Kelly Price’s sister Shanrae Cheree Price said Kelly Price is still missing, at least in her family’s opinion. They need to physically see her, before they will believe she has been found.

If Kelly Price has been Missing for Over a Month Why is the Media Just Reporting It?

The details surrounding Kelly Price missing has angered a lot people, because of how late the media was on making it headline news. According to her family, Kelly Price has been missing for over a month, but there were no media reports on it. Of course this made some people think of what Joy Reid said about America suffering from “Missing White Woman Syndrome”.

Why didn’t the media report Kelly Price was missing for over a month? If Kelly Price was white, would there have been stories about her missing weeks ago?