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Here’s Why Tape Measure Spider-Man is Going Viral

We all know and love Spider-Man, the superhuman superhero who can use his web-shooting wrist to swing from building to building, or to stop the bad guys from wreaking havoc. What if a real-life person could replicate the same powers? Would it be possible?

Tape Measure Spider-Man Enters the Chat

Well, it turns out that this is indeed possible, and it was achieved by none other than a man using a simple tape measure! A former engineer, was struck by inspiration when watching a Spider-Man movie, and set out to create a device that would mimic the web-shooting wrist of the superhero.

The result of his ingenuity is what’s now known as “Tape Measure Spider-Man”. Using a tape measure, he was able to rig up a system that would shoot a tape measure “web”, which he could use to grab items from a distance, such as a cup of coffee, as well as to close doors and more. In a sense, he has achieved a real-life superpower!

How does his invention work? Quite simply, the tape measure is attached to a handle that controls the web-shooting. By squeezing the handle, the user can shoot the tape measure up to 10 feet away. The user is then able to control the recoil of the tape measure, and aim it towards whatever target they want.

The tape measure is also equipped with a special adhesive, allowing it to stick to whatever it’s pointed at. Once the tape measure is attached to its target, the user can fill its reel with up to 200 feet of tape measure. The user is then able to reel in the tape measure and thus grab whatever it’s stuck to.

Haters will say it’s fake

Overall, this invention is a phenomenal feat of engineering that has allowed him to achieve a real-life superpower that mimics the iconic Spider-Man. With the Tape Measure Spider-Man, the engineer has given us all a glimpse into what can be achieved with a little ingenuity, and a lot of hard work. Who knows what other superheroes he’ll invent in the future?