Lizzo is back in the news again for another daring attempt to show how confident she is about her body. This time to quiet the haters who say she is overweight she boarded a plane in some very questionable clothing. The situation has some people convinced there is now a double standard in society in favor of fat people.

The viral photos that caused the commotion show Lizzo’s bare butt as she boarded a private plane in her new Yitty shapewear line. The outfit gave a clearer view of her backside than we saw during that Lakers game she got kicked out for twerking. While many of the reactions were positive and hailed her as brave, there were also a lot Olivia Culpo fans who are a bit frustrated.

People are Wondering Why a Bare Butt Lizzo Can Board Plane but Olivia Culpo Couldn’t

Not too long ago Olivia Culpo was told she had to wear her boyfriends large hoodie if she wanted to board a plane to Cabo. She was wearing spandex shorts and low cut top that apparently revealed too much for American Airlines to allow passengers to see. However, as you’ll see in the photos below her outfit was much less revealing than the Lizzo’s bare butt outfit she boarded her plane with. Olivia Culpo is a former Ms. Universe.

American Airlines said Olivia Culpo’s outfit on the left side of the photo below was inappropriate for their flight.

The key difference between Olivia Culpo’s and Lizzo’s plane outfit situation is the class of flight they were on. Olivia Culpo was flying on a public American Airlines plane, while Lizzo was boarding her private jet. When you own a private jet it’s like owning a house. You can wear whatever you want inside the plane.

With that said you have to wonder if Lizzo wore the same outfit Olivia Culpo did then tried boarding a public flight, would they let her fly without any issue? Would they be scared to say something about her outfit, because she’s technically overweight?

There could be double standard in society due to people wanting to be politically correct, but in terms of Olivia Culpo having to cover her outfit, while a bare butt Lizzo boarded a plane, there was no double standard at play. That was more of a boss move on Lizzo’s part flexing the freedom her wealth has given her.

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