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Watch: Alcohol Strength of Soju Wine From South Korea Goes Viral After TikTok Video

One of the best parts about shopping is finding hidden gems that not many people know about. One of the best places to find those hidden gems are in international markets. In terms of having a robust selection of unique items with amazing value, the Asian supermarkets are a gold mine. A recent TikTok video about South Korean Soju wine highlights this fact.

Most wine found in America doesn’t have a very high alcohol strength. For this reason most people who are trying to get drunk don’t usually think about drinking wine, because you would have to drink excessive amounts. Anyone who has ever tried getting drunk on wine knows the havoc it can wreak on your body the next day.

Alcohol Strength of South Korean Soju Wine Goes Viral After TikTok Video

However, there is one type wine that really shouldn’t even be called wine due to how strong it is. Soju wine from South Korea packs a massive punch in a small bottle. The alcohol strength of Soju Wine is 16%, and it has the TikTok world amazed. A video posted by TikTok user ‘crownmecutie’ tested out the Soju wine’s alcohol strength, and it was deemed liquor as a result. The crazy part is Soju wine only costs about 4 dollars for a case.

With TikTok making the alcohol strength of Soju wine go viral, it’s safe to say Asian supermarkets might get an influx of college students over the next few days.

If there are any Soju wine stocks available now might be the time to invest, because the price is about to go up.