Screenshot from Video of Woman Caught Stealing Phones at Florida Spring Break Goes Viral.

When you’re out on vacation one thing many people forget to do is pay attention to their pockets or bags while they are walking around. Some people think that they would easily notice if someone reached into their pocket, and took something out. However, people forget that thieves who pull of these schemes are very slick, and a video of a woman stealing phones at Florida Spring break is a perfect example of that.

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Woman Caught Stealing Phones at Florida Spring Break Goes Viral

A video showing the aftermath of the woman stealing phones at Florida Spring Break getting caught police has social media shocked. The woman is wearing a regular pair of jeans and a jacket, but was able to steal at least 10 cellphones, and several wallets. In the footage the police laid out all the contents she stole on the hood of their car, which really put in perspective how skilled she was at stealing from unsuspecting spring breakers.

As the voice in the video says if you’re in Florida for Spring Break be very careful. It’s probably best not to carry a wallet around, and instead just carry a bank card, an ID, and your phone. It’s best to keep those items in a pocket that has a zipper, and never in your back pocket.

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