What should a man do when a stranger attacks him in front his child and wife? In most cases people would say the man should fight back to make sure that the attacker doesn’t harm their family in anyway. However, in the case of a man name Eric Sanchez he employed a different technique that is now sparking major controversy on social media.

Father Who Played Dead While Getting Attacked in Front His Newborn Baby and Wife Goes Viral For Not Physically Protecting Them

Eric Sanchez was on his way home with his wife and 3 month old baby on one fateful night when things took a turn for the worst. Eric noticed a driver in a black SUV was speeding down the street of their neighborhood. His natural instinct was to tell the driver to slow down, because at the time he was getting his 3 month old baby out his car. What happened next came as a complete surprise to him.

In response to him telling the driver to slow down, the driver stopped his car then approached Eric and started attacking him. Rather than fighting back Eric Sanchez played dead until the person stopped beating him up. He escaped the ordeal with only a black eye.

The issue people have with this is that by playing dead he gave the attacker the opportunity to harm his wife and child, or even kidnap them. Just think about how his wife must have felt watching the father of their child play dead leaving them in harms way. Did he make the right decision, or the wrong decision? Take a look at the news coverage from WGNO.

To his defense you could argue that fighting back could have the made the situation worse especially if his attacker was armed with a gun. In that sense the father playing dead while getting attacked in front his newborn baby may have saved them from harm. However, most men aren’t going to play dead when it comes to a situation where their family is in immediate danger, so the criticism he’s receiving isn’t surprising.

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