As the Balenciaga controversy continues to unfold after their horrific advertising campaign that seemed to fetishize underage people, the number of celebrities speaking out has been very few. This has rubbed a lot of people on social media the wrong way, which has created a new wave of support for Kanye West. Now as Balenciaga pulls plug on their Twitter career, Kanye is using the situation as concrete evidence of his conspiracy theory about celebrity mind control.

Balenciaga Deletes Twitter Account as Kanye West Claims His Celebrity Mind Control Conspiracy Theory Has Been Proven

When the Kanye West situation began celebrities were speaking out left and right about how they were cancelling Kanye West for the words he spoke about his business partners he claims were scamming him with bad contracts. Even his own wife put out a message that subliminally condemned him for his comments about his Jewish business partners. On the flipside Balenciaga did something much worse in what seemed to many people like blatant promotion of imagery that fetishized underage people.

When the backlash started they immediately apologized, and took down all posts related to the fashion campaign. Naturally considering the sick undertones in the cancelled campaign most people expected celebrities to come out in droves cancelling Balenciaga. Instead most of the celebrities who had so much to say about Kanye West have been completely silent about Balenciaga seemingly promoting pedophile imagery. The pressure they have faced on social media has mostly come from the general public. Today they got too overwhelmed, and Balenciaga deleted their Twitter account. Kanye West believes the silence from famous figures is proof that his celebrity mind control conspiracy theory is true.

In viral footage Kanye West explained why he feels the Balenciaga situation proves celebrities are being controlled.

The message celebrities are sending with this Balenciaga scandal is downright scary. It seems almost as if they are okay with the things Balenciaga featured in their cancelled fashion campaign, or too afraid to speak out.

It makes you wonder why celebrities weren’t afraid to throw stones at Kanye West when all he was doing was venting about being treated unfairly in his business life.

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