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What are French Fives and Croccoli? Crip Mac Ordering Food in Crip Language Confuses Waitress in Viral Video

The last time Crip Mac was in the news it was because he got beat up for allegedly claiming another set. Now he’s back in the news again, but this time it’s for a very different reason. The vernacular Crip Mac used at a restaurant while ordering some delicious food is going viral.

Why did Crip Mac Order Croccoli and French Fives? Crip Mac Ordering Food in Crip Language Perplexes Waitress in Viral Video

What in the world is Five shrimp, French fives, and Croccoli? These were terms Crip Mac used while ordering his food at a restaurant, which left a waitress very confused. It’s well known the Crips don’t like using the letter “B” in their words, and Bloods don’t like using the letter ‘C’. This would explain why Crip Mac ordered Croccoli, rather than saying Broccoli.

How do you explain the Crip Mac ordering French Fives, and Five Shrimp? Well Crip Mac can’t say terms like “French Fries”, because it would be a diss to his hood 55th street. Notice that big five tattoo on his cheek? The waitress thought he was trying to order a number five off a McDonald’s menu. Take a look at the hilarious video of Crip Mac ordering food in gang code language.

As you can tell trying to be a legit gang member, and ordering food isn’t always easy. Crip Mac has to be especially cautious with his words after he got beat down for allegedly claiming another gang back in the day.

Hopefully Crip Mac left that waitress a nice tip for the trouble he put her through unexpectedly.

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