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Cam’ron Reacts to Jim Jones Hating on Him and Mase with Powerful Quote from Duke Da God

The rap world is always full of drama and beef, and the latest feud involves two former friends and collaborators: Cam’ron and Jim Jones. The two rappers, who were once part of the legendary group The Diplomats, have been throwing shots at each other for years, but things got heated again after Jim Jones dissed Cam’ron and his fellow rapper Mase on a recent interview.

During a recent interview Jim Jones was talking about his career, his relationships, and his opinions on various topics. One of the questions he was asked was what he thinks of the new sports talk show “It is What It Is”, hosted by Cam’ron and Mase, who have reunited after their own long-standing beef.

Jim Jones did not hold back his feelings about Mase basically insinuating that he’s a fraud whom he will never have a good relationship with again. He then said that he “can’t hate” on Cam’ron, because he respects him as a former star basketball player who really knows about sports. He said that Cam’ron was one of the best players in Harlem, and that he could have gone pro if he wanted to. He also insinuated that he is a smart businessman who knows how to make money from different ventures.

Cam’Ron Responds to Jim Jones Hating on Him and Mase

Cam’ron did not appreciate Jim Jones’ comments, and responded to them on his Instagram account. He posted quote from Duke Da God saying: “Anyone who says ‘I Can’t Hate’ really wants to hate”. Cam’ron’s response implied that he thinks Jim Jones is jealous of him and Mase, and that he is not sincere in his comments about the show. Is Camron correct, or he is reaching for something that isn’t there?

Cam'Ron Responds to Jim Jones Hating on Him and Mase

The post sparked a lot of reactions from fans and other celebrities, who commented on the ongoing feud between the two rappers. Some sided with Cam’ron, and praised him for his witty comeback and his achievements. Others sided with Jim Jones, and defended him for his honesty and his loyalty. Some also tried to mediate the situation, and urged the two rappers to squash their beef and reunite as The Diplomats.

The rap community is eagerly waiting to see how Jim Jones will respond to Cam’ron’s post, and if the two rappers will ever reconcile their differences. Until then, fans can enjoy watching “It is What It Is”, where Cam’ron and Mase discuss sports, music, culture, and more.

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