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O-Block J Hood Stands His Ground when FBG Duck Affiliate Flamee Tries to Fight Him at Gym

O-Block J Hood grew up in the most dangerous part of Chicago, but he has turned his life around and now speaks out against the gang lifestyle. Recently, a video surfaced online that showed O-Block J Hood getting pressed by Flamee, an affiliate of FBG Duck, a rival rapper who was killed in 2020. The video was recorded at a gym, where Flamee and his crew approached O-Block J Hood and tried to start a fight with him.

However, O-Block J Hood did not seem scared of them and stood his ground. He basically told them to leave him alone, and that he was not interested in any beef calling them “weird” for even starting trouble. The video is sad, because it shows how some people still hold grudges, and try to harm others who have moved on from the gang life. O-Block J Hood has changed his ways and is now a positive influence for others, but unfortunately negativity still manages to follow him.

O-block is a nickname for the 6400 block of South Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Chicago, Illinois. It is part of the Parkway Gardens apartment complex, which was once home to former First Lady Michelle Obama, although the area wasn’t called by that nickname when she was living there. O-block is now known as one of the most dangerous blocks in Chicago, where gang violence, drug trafficking, and shootings are common.

O-block is associated with several Chicago rappers, such as Chief Keef, Lil Durk, and the late King Von, who often rap about their experiences growing up in the area, and their involvement in the gang culture. O-block has become a tourist attraction for some fans of drill music, who visit the block to take selfies and pay tribute to their favorite rappers.

However, this can be very risky and disrespectful to the residents who have to deal with the harsh realities of living in O-block every day. O-block is a symbol of both the resilience and the struggle of many African Americans in Chicago, who face poverty, discrimination, and lack of opportunities. That’s what makes O-Block J Hood’s story so amazing. Thank goodness the situation with him and Flamee descalated before it turned physical.

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