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Did OTF Lil Durk Kill FBG Cash? Lil Durk Allegedly Celebrating FBG Cash Murder on IG Live Sparks Conspiracy Theory

Recently it was reported that rapper FBG Cash was shot and killed in Chicago’s South Side after an unknown shooter in a black Cadillac pulled up on him and an unnamed woman who was critically injured during the shooting.

Since police haven’t discovered a motive or suspect there have been many theories about who might have wanted him dead. Many on social media are convinced that OTF and Lil Durk posted a disrespectful FBG Cash focused IG live video, which has led to conspiracy theories about his connection to the murder case.

Did Lil Durk Kill FBG Cash? OTF and Lil Durk Allegedly Celebrating FBG Cash’s Death on Instagram Live Sparks Conspiracy Theory

During what people believe was a subliminal OTF and Lil Durk FBG Cash Instagram Live diss session they were seen showing off jewelry, and just chilling in general. However, things to took a strange turn in what people on social media believe was OTF Lil Durk making fun of FBG Cash’s death.

You could hear Lil Durk say, “Damn what happen to your mans“. Then his friend says, “All the woofing on the net got your mans hit“. This comes shortly after photos of FBG Cash’s dead body leaked on the internet.

Just three months ago FBG Cash dissed Lil Durk in his ‘Back Again 2X’s’ song and video.

It’s not really clear why some rappers go out their way to do things that cause social media speculation about their connection to murder case, because by now we have all seen that FEDS are really using these types of social media posts as evidence during real indictments. A recent example is the Young Thug YSL RICO case.

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