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British Middle Aged Rapping Mother “White Girl Yardie” aka “White Gal Yardie” Claims Every Black Man Wants to Smash Her in Viral Song “Want Me”

A British middle age rapping white mother named “White Girl Yardie” aka “White Gal Yardie” claims every black man wants to smash her in viral song “want me”. This song isn’t new, but people are just catching wind of it here in a America.

In the music video for the song White Gal Yardie walks around the streets of UK, and shows several middle aged black men swooning over her. In the lyrics she repeats the line “They call me White Gal Yardie, every black man wants to f*** me” as the chorus.

The viral question going around is naturally, who’s mom is this?

The style of White Girl Yardie’s rap gives off Iggy Azalea type vibes in terms of being a possible culture vulture. However, at least she isn’t trying to hide her accent while rapping, so in that sense she is more authentic.

If the lyrics of the song weren’t so stereotypical, slightly offensive, and demeaning she may have had a real hit. The song is going viral now, so she might have a hit anyway. Those lyrics are highly questionable though, but also hilarious due to how bold and confident she seems in actually believing her words.

Author: JordanThrilla

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