SpottemGottem is in trouble with the law again, and this time he went real life GTA Vice City to try escaping his destiny. The video of the incident went viral on social media, and has to be seen to be believed. It’s not clear why he thought a plan like this would work.

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Video of Miami Police Arresting SpottemGottem Using Jet-Ski to Flee GTA Vice City Style Goes Viral

According to reports SpottemGottem was enjoying a day in Miami when he realized police were on his tail. In effort to escape the area SpottemGottem hopped on a Jet ski, and tried outrunning the cops on water. Unfortunately for him they were able to capture him very quickly.

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The video shows the aftermath of police arresting SpottemGottem as they had him in custody in the back of their boat. He seemed relatively calm despite the dire situation he was in.

SpottemGottem is one of those rappers that really lives his raps, so the footage isn’t surprising. It’s not clear what charges will be brought against him, but one of them will most likely be related to trying to evade arrest.

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