Ever since her ‘FNF’ song with HitKidd put her name on the map Glorilla’s physical appearance has been under scrutiny. Not too long ago a viral twitter thread aimed at people who were calling her ugly became a hot topic. Now there is a conspiracy theory Glorilla is a transgender woman, and in this article we’ll discuss the scientific reasons that started after a video.

Is Glorilla a Trans Woman? The Science Behind Video that Sparked a Conspiracy Theory Glorilla is a Man turned Female

Some time ago a video showing Glorilla walking with Yo Gotti after she broke up with her boyfriend Dabesonearth went viral on social media. In this video she was just talking and walking, but the outfit she had on gave fans a glimpse of her body structure, specifically around her hip and shoulder area. One aspect of human bone structure that differs greatly between men and women is the hip to shoulder ratio. The video seems to show that Glorilla has narrow hips and very wide shoulders, which is a bit rare to see on a cisgender woman. In addition people think Glorilla’s deep voice sounds like a man talking.

According to NCBI the male pelvis area is usually taller and narrower than the female pelvis region. In addition the acetabulum is usually more lateral in the male hip region compared to females. Lastly there is usually a significant difference in the Open Angle between men and women in terms of hip bone structure. The IG Live video sparked the viral conspiracy theory that Glorilla is a trans woman. Take a look at the footage, and some of reactions from around social media to the conspiracy.

As of this moment other than speculation about her body structure and voice there is no other proof that Glorilla is a transgender woman. Whatever her true gender is one thing that’s for sure is that her music is taking the hip-hop world by storm, and for a music artist that’s really all that matters.

It’s almost a given that when an artist gets super famous the conspiracy theories start to buzz around their name for whatever reason. Only time will tell if there’s any truth to this one.

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