It’s no secret that Lori Harvey has one of the best bodies in Hollywood. She’s ripped while not being overly ripped, and she has curves yet very little extra body fat. Her abs are one of her physical traits that stands out most. Naturally women everywhere use Lori Harvey’s body as a threshold for their workout goals, and men lust over her daily. Now it seems a Lori Harvey, Wendy Williams, and Rihanna $ex tape videos are on the brink of being released publicly based on viral text messages.

Did a Lori Harvey $ex Tape Leak? Leaked Texts Detail How to Find Lori Harvey, Rihanna, Wendy Williams $ex Tape Videos For Sale

The Lori Harvey $ex tape for sale rumor began after someone posted text messages claiming they have evidence that someone acquired footage of her engaging in intimate acts. No details on who was smashing Lori Harvey in the $ex tape video were given. This person also claims they have seen a Wendy Williams and Rihanna $ex tape as well. According to the person who leaked the text messages, they have actually seen the Lori Harvey $extape, which may or may not confirm it’s actually real. If the Rihanna $ex tape is real, then presumably it has to be with ASAP Rocky, unless it was recorded prior to their relationship. There’s no telling who the Wendy Williams $ex tape would be with.

Take a look at the leaked text messages.

Social Media Reacts to Lori Harvey, Wendy Williams, Rihanna $ex Tape Video Rumor

As you might expect people have been going crazy trying to find these three $ex tapes that are allegedly on the internet. Take a look at some hilarious reactions to the Lori Harvey $ex tape video rumor.

Lori Harvey going to have dudes looking like Quagmire after he discovered adult film websites on Family Guy.

Lori Harvey’s $ex tape video rumor has the internet going nuts, no pun intended. It seems people are more concerned about her alleged video than Wendy Williams and Rihanna’s $ex tape. However, the person did claim they have only seen Lori’s tape, so that might be why it has the most interest. It will be interesting to see if Steve Harvey comments on this controversy. It’s safe to say some people would be willing to spend their life savings on her tape.

If you ever wondered how Lori Harvey maintains her perfect body you should read about her incredible workout plan.

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