When it comes to inhumane ways to make food cooking an animal alive is at the top of the list. Yet still in many cultures it is considered normal, and some people even think of it as an artistic process. Yet still watching videos of this happen is always gruesome, and can make any non-vegan person think about making the shift to eating only plant based meals. A video of a Japanese eel being cooked alive is a perfect example.

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Video of Japanese Eel Getting Cooked Alive Goes Viral For Being Gruesome

A video trending on YouTube shows Japanese chefs cooking a giant moray eel alive in what is called ‘Utsubo’ cuisine. Most people think everything about the video shows how evil human’s can be towards animals when it comes to food. The footage starts with a hook being driven through the head of eel to hang it while the blood drained from its body to keep the meat fresh. Next they cut the eel’s head open and severed it’s spinal nerve bundle.

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All this happened while the eel was still alive. Lastly it was split open and its meat was cut out to be cooked an eaten.

Scientist don’t really know exactly how animals think, so one can only imagine what was going through the poor eel’s mind while it was basically being tortured before becoming someone’s food.

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Considering humans are the only animals known to have full self awareness it’s crazy the things we do to other animals.

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