Hoverboard or Hovercrafts are still something you usually see in sci-fi or action movies even still in 2022 when technology is very advanced. There is not a widely available hovercraft in existence that the average person can by although most people thought that would be reality by now. Naturally seeing someone floating around one is a sight to behold as is the case with a real life Green Goblin going viral.

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Who is the Real Life Green Goblin Flying Hoverboard Through New York and California?

A viral video shows a man flying a hovercraft through California’s streets and New York City’s Time Square. On social media the man has been dubbed the ‘Real Life Green Goblin’ due to his resemblance on how he was gliding through the city streets with a green helmet on.

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According to reports the Green Goblin is actually a man named Hunter Kowald, and his aircraft is custom built. Take a look at the viral footage.

This is older footage from him in New York.

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The Green Goblin vibes are too strong. You could even argue Hunter Kowald’s hovercraft looks better.

Perhaps the craziest part about the real life Green Goblin flying through New York in Times Square was the legality of it all. According to reports flying any type of drone like craft through New York’s airspace is illegal unless the City Mayor has okayed it.

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Hunter Kowald claimed he got permission, but it seems the NYPD wasn’t too sure back then. In a public statement the NYPD said they were investigating the video above. He never got arrested, so it seems he was telling the truth.

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