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Movie Theater Never Renovated Since 90s with Tile Sticking Up Middle Finger Goes Viral

For the people who grew up in the 90s this is definitely going to be a moment of nostalgia. Every day on social media some of the most unexpected things go viral. Often times it’s something really simple that just captures the emotional interest of the masses. In this case it was a time capsule like post from a person who discovered a very unique movie theater.

Details About the Movie Theater That Hasn’t Been Renovated Since 90s

A viral post from twitter user @batgirl955 is allegedly from a movie theatre that hasn’t been renovated since the 90s. In 2022 most people would assume that was impossible, but apparently places like this still exist and are still up and running unchanged. Judging from the photos the movie theatre was surprisingly very clean, and seemed very well kept despite its old age.

Perhaps the most nostalgic photo shows a “lips rageous” candy sign that hasn’t been touched since the 90s faded out from aging. Take a look at these amazing photos.

This 90s rug in all its glory is amazing to see, definitely can make you a bit dizzy though.

No fancy lights on steps as usually seen in present day theaters.

People couldn’t get over the 90s Movie theater’s tile sticking up a middle finger, or so it seems.

The Lip Rageous candy being 75 cents might seem cheap, but when adjusted for inflation that would be around $1.50. Movie Theatres have been over charging for concessions since the beginning of time.

Twitter user @batgirl955 posted this picture to show how clean the movie theatre was despite never being renovated since the 90s.

Many people believe the 90s era was the golden era of America in terms of pop culture and urban culture, as such these reactions to these photos is proof of that. Sadly @batgirl955 didn’t reveal the location of the 90s movie theater.

It would be interesting to know if the technology they use to display movies is also still from the 90s era. If they still are managing it without upgrading the tech behind the scenes then that’s truly spectacular.

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