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Why Did Homelander Murder Black Noir? Homelander Describing How Black Noir’s Face Looks Before His Death Shocks Fans

The Boys Season 3 Finale was full of unexpected surprises that taught us more about some of the most mysterious characters in the show. When it comes to mysteries there is no character that had more vagueness around their origins than the Black Noir. He never talked, never showed emotion, and also never showed his face. However, in Season 8 Episode 7 we learned it was Soldier Boy bashing his brains out that made him become this way. In the final episode of the Season 3 his life came to an end in brutal fashion after the world learned what he looked like via Homelander, and the reason behind his death was a bit ironic all things considered.

What Does Black Noir’s Face Look Like Under His Helmet?

During Season 3 Episode 7 we learned a few things about Black Noir. For one although he doesn’t talk in his mind he’s having conversations with stuttering cartoon characters at all times, which may mean that Black Noir stutters if he attempts talking due to his brain damage. In addition although he doesn’t show emotions anymore he’s a very sensitive person. Also we learned that he was the main conspirator who helped the Russians capture Soldier Boy, because he was getting abused by him.

Before Soldier Boy was captured Black Noir tried to fight him, which led to half his face getting burned and part of his brain being bashed out, which is why he never shows his face anymore. This leads to Homelander describing Black Noir’s face hidden underneath that helmet in The Boy season finale.

Homelander Describing Black Noir’s Face

Based on his past people can conclude two things, Black Noir’s face is mangled, and he’s also very old since he was one of the members of Soldier Boy’s squad back in the day. This was confirmed during a scene where Homelander finally revealed what Black Noir looks like under his helmet since he can see through objects. Homelander describes Black Noir’s face as old with a crooked smile and many battle scars.

Black Noir Telling Homelander to Kill Soldier Boy

Why Did Homelander Kill Black Noir?

As we all know Black Noir was Homelander’s favorite superhero teammate. During Homelander’s younger days it was Black Noir that was guiding him, and teaching him to how to cover mistakes he made as revealed in ‘The Boys Diabolical’. There were many moments throughout the seasons where Homelander would let other members like Deep know they weren’t as useful as Black Noir. However, nothing makes Homelander more angry than being betrayed by people he thought he could trust.

In The Boys Season 8 Finale Homelander asks Black Noir what Soldier Boy was like when they were teammates. Of course Black Noir describes Soldier Boy as ‘bad’, and insists that he must be killed. Homelander has other plans since he found out they were related, which leads him to ask a very emotional question. Homelander wanted to know if Black Noir knew that Soldier Boy was his father, but he already knew the answer even before he asked. Knowing this Black Noir admits that he knew Soldier Boy was his father, which causes Homelander to cry due to the fact that his most trusted teammate betrayed him.

Homelander Crying Over Black Noir’s Betrayal

As result Homelander punches a hole through Black Noir, and rips out his guts. Essentially Homelander killed Black Noir, because he never told him Soldier Boy was his father.

Homelander Punching Hole Through Black Noir