Adam Sandler Playing Basketball in Long Island in Polo Shirt Is Classic

Many people wonder what actors do in their free time. When it comes to Adam Sandler he has a history of doing the most random things, and showing up in the most random places. His real life temperament seems like a direct reflection of his movie roles. Such was the case in a video of Adam Sandler hooping in Long Island in a polo shirt and basketball shorts.

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At first glance if you didn’t know who Adam Sandler was you would think it was a homeless guy at the court. However, Adam Sandler is known for his care free way of never dressing to impress. Only he could pull up to the basketball in a polo shirt and triple xxl basketball shorts ready to shut down the court.

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It’s clear Adam Sandler has love for the game of basketball. This isn’t the first time he’s been recorded balling out. As you will see video below he’s appeared at random courts all over the United States.

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Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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