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Kevin Hart Disses Katt Williams with Circus Clown Reference While Talking to Kendrick Perkins on NBA Unplugged

In the world of comedy, there are few rivalries as intriguing as that between Kevin Hart and Katt Williams. Their latest encounter took place on ESPN’s NBA Unplugged show, where Hart once again took aim at Williams, sparking a new wave of debate and speculation.

The NBA Unplugged Show: Kevin Hart Responds to Katt Williams Again

During a segment of the NBA Unplugged show, Hart welcomed guest Kendrick Perkins, a former NBA player known for his stellar high school career. As they reminisced about Perkins’ impressive averages – around 25 points, 16 rebounds, and 7 blocks per game – and his team’s near-perfect record, Hart couldn’t resist bringing Williams into the conversation.

He joked that the one game Perkins’ team lost in high school was because Williams was the coach. The joke had Perkins in stitches with laughter.

This joke, while seemingly light-hearted, was a subtle jab at Williams, implying that his presence was enough to cause a top-tier team to lose. It was a classic Hart move, using humor to mask a deeper, more personal message.

The Timer Joke: How Kevin Hart Called Katt Williams a Circus Clown

In another segment, Hart asked Perkins if there was a timer when he spoke, poking fun at his long-windedness. Perkins retorted by referencing a Club Shay Shay interview where Williams spoke for three hours, during which he dissed Hart. Perkins pointed out that Hart hadn’t commented on Williams’ lengthy monologue needing a shot clock.

Hart’s response was cryptic yet telling. He asked, “Do you entertain the circus, or do you watch it?” By likening Williams to a circus, Hart was essentially calling him a clown – an entertainer whose purpose is to amuse rather than to be taken seriously.

Public Perception

Some people believe that Hart’s continuous jabs at Williams indicate a level of truth in Williams’ previous statements about him. They argue that Hart’s defensiveness and ‘salty’ demeanor suggest that he feels threatened or affected by Williams’ words.

However, it’s important to remember that both Hart and Williams are comedians. Their profession involves making jokes and pushing boundaries. While their rivalry may seem intense, it could also be seen as two professionals engaging in a war of words, each trying to outdo the other in the name of entertainment.

The publicity will only make them both more money in the long run, so they both win. It’s still surprising to see Kevin Hart going at Katt Williams so boldly, even on ESPN shows. In the past he hasn’t been the type of outright respond to someone who dissed him. Someone must have really hit a nerve.

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