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Racist White Men Jumping Two Black Kids in Fight at ‘White’s Only’ Public Pool in South Africa Sparks Controversy

There is no question that racism still exists in South Africa, just like it does in America. The country is still struggling to overcome the legacy of apartheid, and racism is still used as a tool to divide people. This is especially true for people of color – black and brown people – who continue to face discrimination, and inequality.

There are a number of ways that racism manifests itself in South Africa, but some of the most common ways is through the use of hate speech, systematic oppression, and areas still designated only for whites. For example, black and brown people in the country are reportedly often denied access to housing and education, and they are disproportionately unemployed. This means that they are more likely to live in poverty, and face discrimination. This can lead to violent incidents such as fight that took place at an alleged “white’s only” pool.

Group of Racist White Men Jumping two Black Kids During Fight at ‘White’s Only’ Public Pool in South Africa Sparks Controversy

Viral footage shows the moment chaos erupted at a white’s only pool in South Africa when the white people at the location became upset that two black kids were enjoying the water along with them. This led to a dangerous situation where a group of racist white man began fighting with the black people who were clearly outnumbered.

The scariest moment was when two of the white men dragged one the black kids in the water, and appeared to trying to drown him. It was really sad to see this type of behavior going on in 2022.

There’s not much info about what happened after the video ends, but hopefully the two young black kids who were jumped by the racist white men at the pool weren’t seriously hurt. A public pool being designated as a “White’s only” area just seems very contradictory, and wrong in every way.

Hopefully South Africa’s law enforcement in that area steps in to make it more welcoming to all races, and also arrest those grown men who were attacking kids.

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