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TikToker Claims His Little Sister Died After Taking COVID-19 Vaccine in Sad Emotional ‘F Joe Biden’ Rant

As Joe Biden and other politicians push to force people into taking an experimental vaccine, sad stories of unexpected deaths and side effects related to the vaccine continue to come out. In one of the most emotional videos yet TikToker ‘bronx_stitch730_6.0’ said his little sister died from taking COVID-19 vaccine in a ‘F Joe Biden’ rant.

In the footage the crying TikToker called out people who support the governments vaccine mandates forcing to people to inject themselves with the experimental vaccine. The TikTok user said his little sister died after taking the first dose of the COVID vaccine.

Here is the full statement TikToker ‘bronx_stitch730_6.0’,

“I usually respect everybody, and their choices, but I don’t want any single motherf***** ever coming to my f***** page, and telling me I need to get the vaccine. My little sister just died from her first dose. You want to sit her, and tell me the vaccine works? F** you, F*** the vaccine, F*** the government, and F*** Joe Biden, and F*** anybody who forces anyone to take that vaccine.”

How Many People Have Died From the COVID-19 Vaccine?

According to recent official VAERS reports it’s alleged that around 11,000 people have died from COVID-19 vaccine side effects. However, a lawsuit against the government is being led by an Ohio lawyer named Thomas Renz is accusing the government of covering the real number of COVID vaccine deaths. A whistleblower being described as insider claimed to have access to real VAERS reports showing 45,000 dead after taking COVID-19 vaccine shots.

Prayers up for this TikToker, because knowing your little sister is dead from taking a COVID-19 vaccine shot that the government told you was safe is something you might never get over.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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