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Husband and Wife Chasing Cellphone Thief During Robbery Caught on Restaurant Security Camera Goes Viral

If you ask a random person walking down the street what their most important possessions are most people would probably have their phone on the list. Most people have probably experienced that dreadful feeling you get when your phone gets lost, stolen, or breaks at time when you can’t immediately replace it. The reactions of two people who were victims of cellphone theft at a restaurant conveys the importance we place on these incredible portable devices.

Husband and Wife Chasing Robber During Cellphone Theft Caught on Restaurant Security Camera Goes Viral

Recently footage was posted online of a robbery that took place on May 16th at an unknown restaurant. In the video a man dressed in a plaid shirt calmly walks up to a table where couple is talking, and snatches their cellphones. As he ran out the store the husband and wife chased the cellphone thief out the restaurant. In the midst of all the commotion the wife tripped and fell hard on what seemed to be concrete as her husband continued his pursuit of the suspect. It’s not known if they recovered their phones.

If you pay attention to the background of the video you’ll notice a motorcycle pulls up at the same time the cellphone thief enters the restaurant. After the cellphone robbery was complete that motorcycle leaves at the same time the suspect is running out the store. Naturally some people believe the man on the motorcycle was the getaway driver.

The one of most important lessons that can be taken from this situation is to be aware of your surrounding at all times, especially if you have an expensive item just sitting in plain sight. No matter where you are there always could be someone with thoughts of doing something shady. Hopefully the couple in the cellphone theft video were able to find their phones.

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