JJ Redick Accused of Disrespecting HBCUs Like Winston-Salem State After Dissing Stephen A. Smith on Live TV

Former NBA player and current ESPN analyst JJ Redick is facing criticism for his comments on Stephen A. Smith’s college basketball career during a heated debate on First Take. Redick, who played for Duke University and had a 15-year NBA career, questioned Smith’s credibility to talk about LeBron James’ possible retirement by bringing up his brief stint at Winston-Salem State University, a historically black college and university (HBCU).

Did JJ Redick Make a Racist Comment about HBCU Winston-Salem State University?

The exchange happened on Tuesday, when Redick tried to explain James’ remarks about contemplating retirement after his team, the Los Angeles Lakers, were eliminated from the playoffs. Smith dismissed Redick’s logic as nonsense and said he didn’t understand what he was saying. Redick then responded with a personal jab at Smith’s basketball background.

“You didn’t play Stephen A. You don’t understand our athletic mortality. 3 games at, wherever, South Dakota, Winston-Salem State doesn’t count,” Redick said.

Smith, who is one of the most prominent and influential sports media personalities in the country, graduated from Winston-Salem State in 1991 with a degree in mass communications. He played basketball for the legendary coach Clarence “Big House” Gaines, but a knee injury cut his career short. He then pursued a career in journalism and became a successful reporter, columnist, radio host and TV personality.

Many fans and viewers called out Redick for disrespecting Smith, Winston-Salem State and HBCUs in general. They pointed out that Redick’s comments were insensitive and ignorant, especially considering the history of racism and discrimination that HBCUs have faced in the US.

Some also accused Redick of being arrogant and condescending, implying that only NBA players can understand the game of basketball or have valid opinions on sports topics. They argued that Smith’s experience and knowledge as a journalist and a fan are more than enough to qualify him as an expert on sports.

Redick’s comments also sparked a discussion about the role and value of HBCUs in sports and society. Many people highlighted the achievements and contributions of HBCU athletes, coaches and alumni in various fields and professions. They also praised HBCUs for providing quality education and opportunities for black students who have been historically marginalized and underrepresented in higher education.

It remains to be seen how ESPN will be affected by this controversy. However, Stephen A. Smith spoke out on his show saying that he has no issues with JJ Redick, or what he said on the show. He explained that he likes that JJ Redick keeps it real with him, and also isn’t afraid to speak his mind on controversial topics.

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