Here is How Climate Crisis in Artic Nations Leads to Emergence of Hybrid 'Pizzly Bears'

The Climate crisis is wreaking havoc on the planet earth especially in Artic regions where Polar bears live. The increasingly warm temperatures have caused them to roam far out from the normal habitats. This had led to Polar Bears mating with Grizzly bears, which has created a new hybrid species called a “Pizzly Bear”.

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What Does a Pizzly Bear Look Like?

A Pizzly Bear’s appearance takes features from both the Polar Bear and Grizzly Bear blending them seamlessly. It appears the Pizzly Bear has the face, size, and body shape of a Polar Bear and the fur color of a Grizzly Bear. It seems that this hybrid species wouldn’t be good at the surviving in the harsh cold environments Polar Bears thrive in. However, they might be better at swimming than a normal Grizzly bear, because Polar Bears are actually classified as marine mammals.

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Climate Crisis in Artic Nations Leads to Emergence of Hybrid 'Pizzly Bears'

Where Do Pizzly Bears Live?

Theoretically Pizzly Bears would be found in places where both Polar Bears and Grizzly Bears are known to roam. Polar Bears are usually found in the five nations across the Artic, which include Alaska, Canada, Russia, Greenland and Norway. Grizzly Bears are usually found in Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Washington, Southern Colorado, and Western Canada. Based on that information in theory Pizzly Bears should be found in Alaska and Canada.

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Nature has a way of trying to save itself from the damages human do to it. Pizzly Bears could be a species that saves Grizzly Bears and Polar Bears from becoming extinct. Western expansion continues to threaten the existence of Grizzly Bears, while Climate change continues to threaten the existence of Polar Bears. However, a Pizzly Bear can carry on the legacy of both species with more ability to adapt to every changing environments.

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