The sad story of Yvonne Sterling sterling has come to an end. Reggae singer Yvonne Sterling is dead only a few months after people discovered she was almost homeless living in extreme poverty.

Not too long ago a video went viral showing the horrible living conditions Yvonne Sterling was enduring. The video was shocking, because she was once one of the best selling reggae artists.

Now only about a month and half later Yvonne Sterling is dead after suffering a stroke, while at a Hospital. Doctors tried their best to save her life over the past two weeks to no avail. She was planning to attempt making a comeback to the music world to turn her life around.

Yvonne Sterling recorded her last song titled “Thank You Lord” only a few days before death. Her passing has left the reggae world in deep sorrow.

RIP Yvonne Sterling, her legend lives on forever.

Author: JordanThrilla