Is Florida rapper SpotEmGottem a snitch? Yungeen Ace exposed SpottEmGottem snitching with Paperwork Party Evidence as alleged proof.

In the government documents SpotEmGottem real name Nehemiah Harden is listed as a witness who gave snitching testimony after being read his Miranda Rights. The suspect he snitched on named Jackson refused to talk to police, and invoked his Miranda Rights remaining silent.

The documents show that SpotEmGottem snitched giving police detailed information that implicated Jackson of hiding drugs inside his bathroom. SpotEmGottem even told police every type of drug they sold together. If these documents are real he went full Tekashi 6IX9INE on his own friend.

Yungeen Ace was on Instagram Live recently talking about the Spotemgottem snitching situation.

SpottEmGottem is currently buzzing, because of his hit single Beatbox that has went viral on TikTok. These snitch allegations could very well hamper his success, because he promotes strict anti-snitching message.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. How will Spotemgottem respond to attempt clearing his name?

Author: JordanThrilla

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