Baby Boy Actress Juanita aka A.J. Johnson Had a Train Ran on Her for 50th Birthday Present and Described the Experience. Details about A.J. Johnson having a threesome for her birthday present.

Do you remember Juanita from Baby Boy? In the movie the character was played by the beautiful A.J. Johnson as Tyrese Gibson’s mother most people will remember hooked up with Ving Rhames who played Melvin. After seeing that movie most people came to the conclusion that A.J. Johnson was very freaky in the bedroom, and they were right apparently.

Details on Why Baby Boy Actress Juanita aka A.J. Johnson Had a Train Ran on Her as 50th Birthday Present

It was recently revealed that Baby Boy actress A.J. Johnson had a threesome with two men for her 50th birthday present. In a public statement she described the moment as a “beautiful dance”, and deemed the best 50th birthday ever. There aren’t much details about the two men who ran a train on A.J. Johnson aka Juanita. It’s not known if they were $ex workers she paid, or people she already knew. Either way those two men made her birthday a memorable experience.

Science Might Explain Why A.J. Johnson Had a Threesome for Her Birthday

Science says that a woman’s $ex drive can increase as they get older, which is ironic because a man’s $ex drive decreases with age. Considering what science tells it’s not surprising that two men ran a train on A.J. Johnson aka Juanita as her birthday present. Her revelation continues a trend of women in Hollywood being more candid about their $exually explorative escapades.

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