As crazy as it sounds Trump supporters are turning on Donald Trump. Hashtag #DamnTrump is going viral after Angry Trump Supporters reacted to Donald Trump condemning the Capitol Hill Building breach by turning on Trump.

His Supporters and people who dislike Trump were equally shocked at Trump denouncing his own supporters that participated in the Capitol Hill Breach. This led to millions of tweets containing the phrase “Damn Trump” or hashtag #DamnTrump.

Take a look at the video and reactions that made “Damn Trump” start trending worldwide.

Based on the reactions it seems many angry Trump Supporters are turning on Donald Trump, because they feel completely betrayed. Most people thought his supporters would always be fans of him no matter what, but it appears even they have reached a breaking point.

Many of the Trump supporters felt like they were betrayed by Donald Trump when he described the Capitol Hill building breach as a heinous attack. They conveyed emotions of being led into a fire by Donald Trump, then being left their to burn when things got too hot. Some Trump supporters described Donald Trump condemning the Capitol Hill Breach as a “middle finger” to all his supporters.

There were a few Trump Supporters who didn’t turn on him completely, because they felt he was being forced to make the statements. These Trump supporters described watching the video as watching someone held hostage being forced to read a statement.

Over the past few days it seems everyone has turned on Trump including his business partners, media giants, members of the GOP, and now his own supporters.

Author: JordanThrilla

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