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VIDEO: White Woman Accuses Black Tinder Date of Stealing Her $2,700 Life Savings After Accepting Free Weed as Payment

We’ve all heard stories of Tinder dates gone wrong, but a recent court case is going viral on social media. In this situation a white woman accused her black Tinder date of stealing her life savings. 20 year old Tayah Stryker claimed Erick Mitchell stole $2,700, which was her life savings she had amassed over the past 4 years. The court case was aired on the “People’s Court” show.

According to her story the defendant Erick Mitchell stole her $2,700 life savings after she left him at her house alone, and went to get something to eat. He was allegedly able to see where she hid her money after she counted it in front of him despite only knowing him for 3 weeks. When she came back from getting some food for them she alleges he was gone along with her money. She called the police who made him pay back $1,300 despite his claim that he was falsely accused. Tayah Stryker was suing him for the other $1,400 when their case aired on TV.

According to Erick Mitchell’s story, the plaintiff Tayah Stryker gave him $1,800 after he told her he needed money to pay child support. He alleges that she had second thoughts after giving him the money then called police on him, and told them he stole it. During the court case he alleged that he was giving Tayah Stryker free weed as payment for the remainder. However, that wasn’t enough to stop them from going to court.

Who is telling the truth, and who is the liar? Take a look.


In the end Tayah Stryker won the case as Judge Milan ruled in her favor. It seems pretty obvious that her tinder date stole the money, but who knows maybe the judge got things wrong. Aside from the case itself it seemed like Erick Mitchell was snitching on himself most of the time he was talking about the drug deals, although he said he smokes medical marijuana legally.

Moral of the story is that internet dating continues to be Russian roulette for disaster, especially when you trust people you barely know.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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