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Here is Possibly Why a Deer Was Eating a Snake in Viral Video that Has Social Media Asking Questions

A video of a deer eating a snake has gone viral on social media, sparking curiosity and debate among netizens. The footage, allegedly captured in Tennessee, shows a white-tailed deer nibbling on a dead snake on the ground. The deer then picks up the snake with its mouth and walks away.

Why is a Deer Eating a Snake?

Many people were surprised and intrigued by the unusual behavior of the deer, as they are typically herbivorous animals that feed on plants, fruits, nuts and grasses. However, some experts say that deer can occasionally eat meat, especially when they are hungry or lack certain nutrients.

According to Dr. Marcus Lashley, a wildlife ecologist at Mississippi State University, deer have been known to eat birds, rodents, fish and even human remains in rare cases. He explained that deer are opportunistic feeders that can adapt to different food sources depending on their availability and nutritional needs.

One possible reason why the deer in the video was eating the snake is that it was craving salt, which is essential for their metabolism and muscle function. Snakes have high levels of sodium in their blood and tissues, which can attract deer and other animals. Another possible reason is that the deer was simply curious or bored, and wanted to try something new.

snakes are like grass, but saltier.

Dr. Lashley also pointed out that eating meat does not make deer aggressive or dangerous to humans or other animals. He said that deer are still primarily plant-eaters, and that meat consumption is a very rare and minor part of their diet. He added that deer are not predators, and that they do not hunt or kill their prey.

The video of the deer eating the snake has been viewed over 10 million times on social media platforms like YouTube, Imgur, and Reddit, and has received thousands of comments from users who expressed their shock, amusement, disgust or fascination. Some users joked that the deer was a secret agent or a zombie, while others wondered if the snake was poisonous or alive. Some users also praised the deer for its bravery or intelligence, while others criticized it for its cruelty or unnaturalness.

The creepy footage of the deer eating the snake is one of the many examples of how wildlife cameras can capture unexpected and fascinating moments of nature. Wildlife cameras are devices that are triggered by motion or heat, and can record images or videos of animals in their natural habitats. They can help researchers and conservationists monitor and study wildlife behavior, population, distribution and health. They can also help educate and entertain the public by showing them the diversity and beauty of wildlife.

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