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What Started Caesars Superdome Fire? Viral Video Shows Superdome Roof on Fire Burning in New Orleans

Fire Hazards are one of the biggest fears when it comes to buildings, and that fear seems to have become a reality for one of the famous stadiums in America. A viral video shows Caesars Superdome on fire in New Orleans, with smoke billowing in the air.

What Started the Caesars Superdome Fire in New Orleans Louisiana?

In the footage the Caesars Superdome roof is burning on fire in one small section. At the moment there are no reports indicating why Superdome’s roof is on fire. One theory people have is that an AC unit that sits on rooftops known as a “package unit” in the HVAC industry, may have caught fire on Caesar Superdome’s roof. That would explain why it seemed isolated to one small section of its rooftop area. Take a look.

The worst case scenario of a situation like this would be if the Superdome roof fire spread to other parts of the building. However, it seems like Firefighters should be able to get this under control if they act quickly.

The Money Ramifications of a Fire at Caesars Superdome

Caesars Superdome was a very expensive building project that cost around $134 Million in the 1970s, which is equivalent to $644 Million in 2021 when adjusted for inflation. Renovations in 2005 costed around $193 Million, and repairs in 2020 costed around $248 Million.

As you can see any damage that happens from even a small fire at Superdome would be very costly to repair.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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