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Here is When Ransomed.vc Group Says They Will Sell Stolen Data From the 2023 Sony Ransomware Hack

Sony Group Corporation, one of the world’s largest entertainment and technology companies, is facing a possible cyberattack from a ransomware group that claims to have compromised all of its systems. The group, known as Ransomed.vc, has posted screenshots of some of the allegedly stolen data on its dark web site, and announced that it will sell the data to the highest bidder. However, Sony has not confirmed or denied the attack, and the extent and impact of the breach remain unclear. Here is what we know and what we don’t about this developing story.

What We Know About the Alleged 2023 Sony Ransomware Hack and When Ransomed.vc Plans to Sell the Stolen Data

Ransomed.vc is a new ransomware group that emerged in August 2023, according to Malwarebytes. The group has already claimed to have hacked several other victims, and threatens to report them for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) violations. The group describes itself as a “digital tax for peace”, but it is likely just a criminal enterprise seeking money.

Ransomed.vc claims to have “successfully compromised all of sony systems” on its dark web site. The group says that Sony refused to pay a ransom, so it decided to sell the data instead. The group has posted a file tree of the stolen data, which includes less than 6,000 files, as well as screenshots of an internal login screen, and an internal PowerPoint presentation with test bench details.

The group has set a “post date” of September 28 for selling the data. It has not specified a price or a method of payment, but it has left its contact details on its site. If the data does not sell before the post date, the group may publish it online for anyone to access.

The data that the group claims to have stolen appears to be related to Sony’s engineering and development divisions. It includes build log files, some HTML files, and various Java resources. However, it is not clear if these files are authentic, or if they represent the entirety of the breach. The group may have more data that it has not revealed yet, or it may have fabricated some or all of the data to make its claim more credible.

What We Don’t Know About 2023 Sony Ransomware Hack

Sony has not issued any official statement regarding the alleged cyberattack. It is possible that Sony is unaware of the attack, or that it is investigating the matter internally before making any public announcement. It is also possible that Sony is negotiating with the ransomware group behind the scenes, or that it is preparing legal action against them.

We don’t know how Ransomed.vc managed to breach Sony’s systems, or when the attack occurred. We also don’t know if Sony has detected and contained the attack, or if it is still ongoing. We don’t know if Sony has notified any relevant authorities or regulators about the incident, or if it has taken any steps to protect its customers and employees from potential harm.

We don’t know how sensitive or valuable the data that Ransomed.vc claims to have stolen is. We don’t know if it contains any personal information, intellectual property, trade secrets, or financial records. We don’t know if it affects any of Sony’s products or services, such as PlayStation, Sony Music, Sony Pictures, or Sony Electronics. We don’t know if it poses any security or privacy risks to Sony or its stakeholders.

We don’t know who Ransomed.vc is, or what their motives are. We don’t know if they are acting alone or in collaboration with other hackers or criminals. We don’t know if they have any political or ideological agenda, or if they are simply after money. We don’t know if they have any previous history of cyberattacks, or if they have any connections to other ransomware groups.

What’s Next?

As of now, there are more questions than answers about this alleged cyberattack on Sony. Until Sony confirms or denies the attack, and provides more details about its scope and impact, we can only speculate about what happened and what will happen next.

However, given Sony’s size and reputation, this incident could have significant implications for the company and its customers. We will continue to monitor this story and update you as more information becomes available.

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