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Flytanic? Here’s Why the Nuclear Powered Flying Hotel Sounds Like a Disaster Waiting to Happen

Have you ever seen those sci-fi movies where people live in a world where everything floats high above the ground? Now that is close to becoming a reality as a flying hotel that can stay suspended in air for years is possibly being developed. However, the intricate details on how it works have people worried about the harm it can do the environment if a catastrophe were to happen.

Flytanic? Details About the Nuclear Powered Flying Hotel ‘Sky Cruise’ Amenities

The Flyantic officially called the ‘Sky Cruise’ is a nuclear powered hotel that floats in air, and will be aimed at giving people the “ultimate flying experience”. This massive beast is big enough to hold over 5,000 people at the same time. The back wing of the Sky Cruise which passengers can get to by elevator has a round platform that offers a 360 degree view of the beautiful skyline.

The coolest part of the nuclear powered flying hotel is the entertainment room. The Sky Cruise is so big that it will have its own shopping mall, fitness center, swimming pools, restaurants, bars, playgrounds, movie theaters, along with a separate section for events or business meetings. The Sky Cruise will also feature wedding halls reserved for guests with marriage plans. In addition it will be the first flying machine that allows people to walk onto a balcony mid flight. The plane is controlled by artificial intelligence that predicts air turbulence before it happens, and adjusts its flight path accordingly.

Details on Why the Nuclear Powered Flying Hotel Sounds Like a Disaster Waiting to Happen

What’s scary about the Sky Cruise is the form of energy it uses, and how many engines it has. The Flying Hotel stays in air with help of 20 nuclear powered engines, that the developers claim is clean energy that leaves a small carbon footprint. Each engine has small nuclear reactor that uses highly controlled fusion reactions, which creates unlimited energy. That all sounds great, but if you have any type of engine failure and the plane crashes it almost sounds like nuclear bomb falling straight towards the earth. Is this really worth the potential environmental risk? Take a look for yourself.


The nuclear powered Sky Hotel is only a concept at the moment, but considering people are flying to space on recreational trips this doesn’t seem like it’s too far off from becoming reality.

It’s safe to say the wealthy people will signing up to take year long trips on this Flytanic when it officially becomes available to the public. It’s crazy to imagine what it will look like taking off from the ground. Should something that big really be in the air?

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