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Why Did OG Green and White Ranger Jason David Frank Commit Suicide? Conspiracy Theories Trend as Social Media Reacts

Power Rangers fans everywhere in the world are familiar with the name Jason David Frank. He was the first actor to take the on screen role of being the Green and White Rangers. In the 90s he was one of the biggest television stars in the world. Sadly news of his tragic death has taken over social media, and has left a lot of people searching for answers.

Why Did Power Ranger Jason David Frank Commit Suicide?

According to a report from his personal trainer Mike Bronzoulis, Jason David Frank committed suicide last night in Houston Texas. At the moment there aren’t many details on why he took his own life, which has led to many conspiracy theories on social media. JDF who was born in 1973 was only 49 years old. According to CDC suicide is one of the leading causes of death in America. Each year around 45,000 people die by suicide, which amounts to one suicide death every 11 minutes. When you take into account the entire world almost 800,000 people die by suicide each year, which amounts to 1 suicide death every 40 seconds. Sadly Jason David Frank is now part of that statistic.

Social Media Reactions to OG Green and White Power Ranger Jason David Frank Dead

RIP JDF, his impact on many generations will last forever. Prayers up for his family and friends.