Alcohol is one of the most flammable and dangerous substances on the planet earth, but remains one of the most consumed drinks by human beings. When we party we regularly poison our bodies with alcohol, which makes us feel drunk. Those hangovers people get the next day are actually the after effects of the human body trying to get rid of the poison. A recent video involving a scary situation at a club overseas highlights the risks we take to enjoy this dangerous beverage.

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Scary Video Shows Man’s Face on Fire After Drinking Liquor Shot at Club

A video trending on social media shows the terrifying situation that happened at club in another country. After a man took a shot of alcohol his face went up in flames. It appears the man was so drunk the pain of his facing burning didn’t even phase him as he started patting his skin to put it out. Luckily with the help of the waiter who pour the shot for him, he was able to quell the flames.

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Interestingly enough after the scary ordeal he went right back to dancing like nothing happened. He’s probably going to feel that in the morning though.

Why Did the Man’s Face Set on Fire on After Drinking Alcohol?

It’s not clear why the man’s face was on fire after drinking the liquor shot, but perhaps his breath was so hot that it caused the combustive reaction. There was also a woman smoking a cigarette right beside him, which could have also caused the scary accident. He’s lucky the fire didn’t spread to his clothing and hair.

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Alcohol remains one of the leading causes of unnatural death around the world, luckily this man won’t be added to that statistic.

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