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Video: Arab Woman Convincing Other Arab Women to Marry Black Men Goes Viral

When you go out in the world today interracial relationships have become very common. In 1967 only 3% of marriages were interracial, but in 2022 more than 20% are. The public approval of racially diverse relationships has risen from 5% in the 1950s to 94% in 2023. Still yet one thing that is relatively rare to see is a black man with an Arab woman, but that could change in the coming years after some videos pertaining to the subject have began going viral.

Details on Why an Arab Woman is Encouraging Other Arab Women to Marry Black Men

A trending video appears to show an Arab woman explaining why other Arab women should marry a black man rather than men in their own countries. She starts off by saying black men are kind, secure in their masculinity, and gentle. She also claims that Arab men get insecure when their woman is out working trying to make a career for herself, but black men are “chill and secure” about it, and will respect a woman trying to be independent.

She ends her rant by telling Arab women to do themselves a favor, and find a black man to marry. The video has a caption on it that reads “marriageishalal.com”. Perhaps that’s a dating website where black men can meet Arab women online. Some people feel the Arab woman is encouraging black men to marry them, by explaining why women of her culture are yearning for them.

Many African American men living in Arab countries are able to experience a unique set of cultural values, beliefs, and practices that differ from those of the United States. While many black men may encounter discrimination and prejudice, they can also find acceptance and appreciation for their unique perspective. For example, in the United Arab Emirates, African American men are highly respected in their roles as professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders in the community.

Additionally, black men are often welcomed by the locals, and are considered to be an integral part of the culture, which presents the unique opportunity to learn more about Arab culture, customs, and language. Many black celebrities such as Floyd Mayweather have embraced the language and culture of the Arab world.

In addition, African American men are often welcomed into workforces, universities, and other institutions in Arab countries, providing even more opportunities to gain a better understanding of the culture and its people.

Now based on this video it appears that many Arab women are encouraging black men to marry them.

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