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Video Showing Glorilla Finding Out Foxes are Real for First Time in United Kingdom Goes Viral

At some point in everyone’s life there’s one moment where you realize that something you thought didn’t exist, has been in existence your entire life. For Glorilla that moment came during a viral interview in the United Kingdom. Her perspective of the world changed forever during this brief moment.

Video Showing Glorilla Discovering Foxes are Real for First Time in United Kingdom Goes Viral

Apparently Glorilla didn’t know that foxes are real. That’s surprising to hear especially considering she’s 23 years old. That would mean she graduated high school while thinking foxes were fake, which is an incredible feat when you really think about it. She might be the only person in the world that can make that claim. During a “Kiss Fresh” radio interview a conversation between her and the host eventually led to Glorilla discovering Foxes are real.

The look on her face said it all as she was left speechless. She asked investigative questions such as if real Foxes are orange. It seemed like in her mind that Foxes were only supposed to exist in fairy tales. The funniest moment came near the end of the clip when Glorilla said, “I can’t believe it. I never even knew foxes were real”. To her defense in many places in America you’ll never really see Foxes running around. They are definitely a rare site to many people.

Foxes are truly fascinating and mysterious animals. Do you think they are jealous of how dogs get treated better?

Where Do Foxes Live in Urban City Areas?

Unlike dogs, Foxes are much more reclusive in general, but the Urban Fox has actually adapted to take advantage of humans. According to National History Museum in Urban area Foxes search for spaces underground to make their home. In city areas their homes can be found in railway embankments, under sheds, in bushes, and many other places.

Overtime Urban Foxes have learned that people will often times throw them food. Now they are seen in neighborhoods more often, and usually live closer to busy areas.

It’s safe to say that Glorilla should get a pet fox.

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