The Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp defamation trial has been entertainment gold for those who are heavily invested in watching the situation unfold. Whether it was Amber Heard’s fraudulent donation promises getting exposed, Johnny Depp holding back laughter as the court read tabloid stories, or other random moments they all seem to be like a TV show happening in real life. Now a funny moment that happened after court has social media talking again.

Judge Penny Azcarate Clowns Amber Heard’s Legal Team and Lawyer Elaine Bredehoft’s Math Skills After Court

During a trial when a legal team challenges something the judge says in most cases they are sure of what they are saying. However, this doesn’t seem to hold true for the genius legal team of Amber Heard. During the closing of another trial day Judge Penny Azcarate was going over how much time each legal team had left to present their cases. According to the judge Amber Heard’s team had 24 hours and 44 minutes left out of a total of 61.15 hours available, but her lawyer Elaine didn’t seem to agree.

As aforementioned each client had a total of 61 hours and 15 minutes to present their case to court. Of that amount Amber Heard’s legal team had used 36 hours and 31 minutes, which left them with the 24.44 hour amount. For most people that math should be simple, especially in the case of a lawyer. With that said for some reason Heard’s legal team wasn’t buying what the judge said, and as result got made a fool of in court again. As you’ll see in the video below Judge Penny Azcarate humiliated Amber Heard’s legal team and her lawyer Elaine Bredehoft for not being able to add up numbers correctly. Now Amber Heard’s legal team’s math skills has them trending again for all the wrong reasons.

Here was the previous most viral moment of the trial where Johnny Depp started laughing about tabloid stories.

It’s not often that the average person gets an insider look at one of the most toxic Hollywood relationships ever, which is why this trial has become a national phenomena in terms virality. From the beginning people knew that a lot of personal information would be revealed, and they haven’t been disappointed in that regard. If you go on any social media platform you’re likely to see a video from their trial trending.

Judge Penny humiliating Amber Heard’s legal team’s math skills is bad look for Elaine Bredehoft considering that she is called a “super lawyer”. Now the world is waiting to see what will happen next in this unexpected comedy of a trial.

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