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Jimmy Butler Curses Out Joel Embiid’s Face-Mask After Sixers Destroy Heat in Game 3

Joel Embiid is officially the toughest player in the league after actually suiting up for Game 3 with three serious injuries. Despite having a concussion, torn thumb ligament, and broken orbital bone Embid played in Game 3, and had a huge impact although he was clearly not 100%. He’s getting a lot of praise on social media, but not from his old teammate Jimmy Butler.

Jimmy Butler Curses Out Joel Embiid’s Face-mask After Sixers Destroy Heat in Game 3

After a game where Miami lost by 20 points after winning Games 1 and 2 by double digits, all the social media craze was about how impactful Embiid is on the Sixers. He put up 18 points and 11 rebounds, but what was most impressive was him holding Bam Adebayo to only 9 points. It was his first single digit scoring game of the series. Naturally the Heat franchise isn’t happy about that, and Jimmy Butler vented by lashing out at Joel Embiid on IG.

This situation started with a comment from Embiid where he claimed that no one cared about him until he had to wear a facemask. It’s not clear what exactly he means by that, because his orbital fracture was the biggest story in sports over the past few days. Nevertheless Jimmy Butler told Joel Embiid ‘F*** your mask‘ in the comments on the IG post. He could be trolling Embiid, or could be seriously displeased about how much attention the infamous mask is getting. Take a look.

Joel Embiid showed he doesn’t have to score 30+ points to still be the most impactful player on the floor. His presence alone rejuvenated the Sixers, and had them believing they were better than the Heat.

Skip Bayless’ reaction face-mask Joel Embiid’s Game 3 performance was hilarious. Okay well it was his impersonator, but real close to what the real Skip would say.

If you’re into analytics then there could be another reason why Jimmy Butler cursed out Joel Embiid’s mask. The Heat have never beaten the Sixers when Embiid is wearing a face-mask.

With the Game 3 win Sixers are now 4-0 against Heat when Embiid is playing through a facial injury that requires a protective covering. Could that be a sign they will win 4 straight games?