Social Media Is Convinced This a Video Of Kim Kardashian Boxing.

Is Kim Kardashian training for a celebrity boxing? This is a question being asked after a video that some people believe is Kim Kardashian boxing starting making it way around the internet. However, it still hasn’t been confirmed to be her, but there are subtle details supporting the theories of people who think it is.

The woman in this video had incredible boxing skills. She was throwing combinations effortlessly, and never missing the target. She even ducked like a professional when mimicking bobbing and weaving an opponent. However, it wasn’t the boxing skills people notice first. What made people think it was Kim Kardashian boxing was the size of her curves, and the general silhouette of her body.

On social media there thousands of reaction tweets from people who thought it was her.

Social Media Is Convinced This a Video Of Kim Kardashian Boxing.

Although she’s most known for her looks and fashion, it’s been proven many times on her reality shows that Kim K takes fitness seriously. It wouldn’t be surprising if she really did take up boxing, which gives a great full body workout and is also fun.

Could you imagine a Kim Kardashian vs Beyonce boxing match? It would probably be the biggest fight ever.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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