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Was NBA Player Kai Jones High on Percocet Drugs In IG Live Video Ranting About Trade Rumors?

Charlotte Hornets center Kai Jones has raised some eyebrows with his recent Instagram Live video. Social media users are speculating that he may have been high on drugs while ranting about his trade status. In particular they think he may have been having a Perc 30 episdoe.

Was Kai Jones High on Percocet Drugs in IG Live Video?

The Instagram live video, which was broadcast on Thursday, showed Kai Jones sweating, slurring his words, and twitching as he denied the trade rumors, and claimed that the Hornets will not trade him anytime soon, and also denied being on any type of drugs as he replied to people’s comments. He was talking so fast in the video that his words almost sound like gibberish, but one thing he did say clearly was “I don’t think I’m getting traded”.

However, some fans on social media accused Jones of being high on Percocet drugs aka oxycodone, a prescription painkiller that can cause euphoria, drowsiness, and impaired coordination. Percocet drugs are also addictive, and can lead to overdose or death if abused. Nelly faced the same type of accusations from social media some time ago. There were also internet users theorizing that Jones was exhibiting symptoms of being high on shrooms.

Jones, who was the No. 19 overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft, has not had a significant impact on the court for the Hornets. He averaged 3.4 points and 2.7 rebounds in 12 minutes per game this past season.

The Hornets have already exercised their $3 million team option on Jones for the 2023-24 season, but they still have until Oct. 31 to decide on his $4.7 million team option for 2024-25. Do you think he was having a Perc 30 episode in the footage below?

The Hornets are in the midst of a franchise overhaul, as they have added four players in the 2023 NBA Draft, including No. 2 overall pick Brandon Miller. They also have a new ownership group led by Gabe Plotkin and Rick Schnall, who bought the team from Michael Jordan earlier this year. With the Hornets’ picks, Jones could be on his way out if the team decides to reboot the roster.

Jones has not displayed any real character issues in the past, so he should definitely be given the benefit of the doubt. However, it is concerning to see a young player act so erratically, but maybe people are overthinking things. It would really shake up the sports world if he actually did get traded after the footage went viral.

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