Will Luka Doncic participate in the 2022 Dunk Contest? Luka Doncic isn’t known as a high flyer, but before Lakers vs Mavericks he wanted to prove to his teammates he can get up there. First he started off by showing off his soccer skills then an accident happened.

Luka Doncic hit his head on the rim while trying a reverse dunk, which he actually completed. He’s 6’7″, but with the elevation of Zach Randolph his dunk ended up being a rim grazer. Luka Doncic said “Dunk Contest 2022” before pulling off the dunk. After he held his skull in pain as Luka Doncic said, “I hit my head on the rim man”.

Mavericks ended up beating the Lakers 108 to 93, so maybe Luka Doncic should hit his head on the rim more often. It may bring them good luck, but possibly concussion protocols too.

On a side note does it sound like Luka Doncic is losing his accent?

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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