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Victor Wembanyama’s F-Bomb Curse Word on Live TV Leaves Charles Barkley and Shaq Speechless

Some moments in sports TV are unforgettable. They go beyond the usual stats and commentary, and show us the real personalities of the players. That’s what happened recently, when the All-Star Weekend Tipoff show featured the rising star of the NBA, Victor Wembanyama.

Victor Wembanyama is a beast on the court. He’s so tall and long, he can block shots from anywhere. He’s also skilled and versatile, scoring from inside and outside. He’s been amazing in his rookie season, earning praise from fans and experts. But he became even more popular during the All-Star Weekend Tipoff show.

Victor Wembanyama’s F-Bomb Shuts Down NBA Twitter

The Inside the NBA crew, who are always fun and funny, were chatting with Wembanyama. They asked him about his rookie season, how he felt, what he learned. Then they hit him with the big question, what was the hardest Gregg Popovich has ever been on him during this rookie season, halfway through.

Wembanyama, who is usually calm and polite, shocked everyone with his answer. He told them a story about a film session with Gregg Popovich, the legendary coach who doesn’t tolerate mistakes. As Wembanyama told the story, everyone was on the edge of their seats. But they didn’t expect what he said next.

“I remember one time I was in film sessions, and he told me ‘what the f***k is this. This is what you were doing day one. Why did you take a step back’,” Wembanyama said, dropping an F-bomb on live TV.

The reaction was priceless. As you saw, the whole Inside the NBA crew cracked up laughing, but were also speechless for a few moments. It was a moment of pure honesty, a young player sharing a glimpse of his life in the NBA. For many people, it was the first time they heard Victor Wembanyama say a curse word, and they loved it.

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