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Was NBA Player Danny Fortson Carrying Knives in His Socks During NBA Games?

You may think you know everything about the NBA, but there are some stories that will shock you. One of them involves Gilbert Arenas, Danny Fortson, and George McCloud. This is a story of a hidden side of the NBA, a side that is full of life threatening and danger.

Did NBA Player Danny Fortson Play with Knives in His Sock?

Gilbert Arenas is a former NBA star who was known for his scoring skills and his charisma. He is also the one who told this story on his podcast, “Gil’s Arena.” He was talking about the fights he had seen in the NBA that the league never noticed, while responding to the Isaiah Stewart punching Drew Eubanks incident.

He then shared a crazy story about his old teammate Danny Fortson and a player from the Denver Nuggets, George McCloud.

It happened during a game that was very intense. Fortson and McCloud were both very physical players, and they were not holding back. The game was full of hard fouls, flying elbows, and angry words. At one point, Fortson hit McCloud in the eye with his elbow, and McCloud got ejected from the game. McCloud was furious. He felt that he was the victim, not the aggressor.

As the Warriors were heading to the locker room, McCloud stopped Arenas. He had a message for Fortson – he was going to wait for him outside and fight him. Arenas was shocked by McCloud’s rage. He told Fortson what McCloud said. What Fortson did next was unbelievable.

Arenas said that Fortson pulled down his sock and showed him two knives. Arenas couldn’t believe it. He thought that Fortson had been playing with knives in his socks all along. The skin around the knives looked different, as if they had been there for a long time.

This story is ironic, because Arenas himself is famous for bringing a gun to the Wizards’ locker room. But even he was amazed by the idea of a player having knives in his socks during a game.

This story shows how intense and high-stakes the world of professional sports can be. It’s a world where people can lose their cool and do crazy things. It’s a world where the passion to win can lead to dangerous situations. An NBA world where players might have knives in their sock.

The NBA definitely isn’t as soft as people think it is if that was really happening.

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